Some Alternatives

There are lots of alternatives if you don´t want to go the “package” route (if you already have a condenser mic – the best general purpose type for vocals and acoustic guitars – and you have decent headphones ). The two components you will definitely need, however, are the Audio/digital interface and a DAW so let´s look at a few alternatives. One cheaper (but perfectly good) and one more expensive.

Audio/Digital Interfaces

Starting with probably the cheapest interface comparable to the Presonus offering (which is, at time of writing, just over £80) is the Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD USB Audio Interface at £66 Click the link to see full specs etc

This bears comparison with the Presonus offering but isn´t quite as rugged (there is a video of a truck being driven over the Presonus one!). Otherwise, perfectly fine.

Now for a “name” brand that features in a lot of studios. This is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 . At almost £150 it is not cheap but it has, supposedly better preamps. Whether it is worth paying almost as much for this bit of kit as for the complete Presonus package us up to you – epecially as you will still have to have a DAW. Talking of which….click here to see a few alternative DAWs