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“Andy Harding has a forceful and jovial stage presence that sometimes belies a highly developed skill for writing powerful, evocative and poetic songs which he delivers with a real sense of empathy and drama.” 

“A truly polished and accomplished performance by a very talented singer/songwriter”
(About Tuesday Night Troubadour – the CD)

“Brilliant!” (About Tuesday Night Troubadour)  Cam Folk on Cam FM

“Absolutely brilliant! Our Song of the Week”  (About The Road Less Travelled) Costa Calida Radio

“For me the star has to be “The Road Less Travelled which I found to be both poignant and emotional” (About Tuesday Night Troubadour – the CD)

“Powerful songwriting in a worthy cause”  (About “Refugees”) Cuillan FM

“A very talented British singer/songwriter” Bay FM

“You had me at the last verse” (About “Little Piece of Tin”) Harvey Andrews

“The story characterisation of the two main subjects of the story told here are as vivid as (Richard) Thompson’s star-crossed lovers in “Beeswing” and James Adie and Red Molly from “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”. In “Prince of the Waltzer” Andy creates a grand romance from everyday people, with beautifully chosen details like the unmistakeable smell of fried onions and diesel!”  (About “Prince of the Waltzer”)** To see this review in full click here

“The lyrics are unfussy and scrupulously avoid cliché or anything too obvious, and his ability to focus in on one or two apparently minor details brings the pictures to life”.       (Review of “Storytelling”)* * To see this review in full click here

“A King of a record – five stars!” (Review of “Storytelling”)

“These songs, and the stories they tell will remain in your thoughts long after listening.” (Review of “Storytelling”)*

“even Dylan would be proud of that song”. (About “Prince of the Waltzer) It has to be said that it is unclear whether this refers to Dylan the singer or Dylan the rabbit

“What a superb & graphic song. Love it” (About “Where Charlie Once Stood”)

” Have to say as a fan of Charlie Chaplin, I love this song” (About “Where Charlie Once Stood”)

“A recording to raise money for the restoration of the Palace Theatre in Plymouth. A great song”. (About “Where Charlie Once Stood)

“What a truly beautiful song for your mom. The lyrics really capture what I know of dementia. I hope it is shared widely as it is so touching”. (“Memory’s Traces”)

“Truly beautiful” (Memory’s Traces)

“So beautiful  – brought tears to my eyes” (Memory’s Traces)

“Who???” Simon Cowell