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I love songs that tell a story – not really a “moon and June” man. This EP has three of my songs that tell stories so the title was fairly obvious.

Track 1 – Little Piece of Tin       A true story about Frank Broughton, my wife Angy’s uncle, who  served in WW2 as a navigator in Bomber Command. After the war he was demobbed but went back to help in the Berlin Airlift. He was decorated and was very modest about his medals – always referring to them as his “little pieces of tin”. He sold them towards the end of his life when times got hard but…….well, listen to the song

Track 2 – Where Charlie Once Stood      My song for and about the New Palace Theatre in Union Street, Plymouth. Opened in 1894 it was a magnificent place and saw all the stars over the years – Lilly Langtry, Houdini, Laurel and Hardy, Frankie Howard and one very special star – possibly the greatest star of his age – Charlie Chaplin. Now the place is almost derelict after years of neglect when it hosted bingo, wrestling, strippers and, finally, a night club.

Track 3 – Prince of the Waltzer      Angy wanted a love song so here it is. The only problem from her point of view is that it isn’t about her. How many songs namecheck Plymouth Hoe and feature a real steam-organ? Damn few…but this is one of them.