The Funnies

Because audiences keep requesting songs by Andy’s evil twin Whistling Willy Jago (not so much a name as a medical condition) we’ve put some links here. Due to an unfortunate incident during his attempt on the “Greatest number of ferrets down a pair of trousers” record for the Guinness Book of Records Willy is no longer able to perform (in several meanings of the word) but  Andy is, in his words, “perpetuating the horror” by sometimes singing Willy’s songs at live gigs. He is disappointed to find that audiences love them. Some of these are live recordings so the quality is variable. Mind you, with Willy, the quality always was!

Just Relax

An everyday story of prostate examinations and catheters. Just click here

Lidls Pasties

Probably the most requested song of Willy’s ouvre.  Willy was incensed to find that Lidls were selling “Cornish Pasties” made in……Wales!!!  Worse still, these mutant pastries contained carrots. To address this sacrilege Willy wrote this protest song. It must have worked – Lidls have altered the packaging to remove the word “Cornish”. Result!! (Mind you, the pasties are still crap)

House of the Rising Gorge

Recorded live at The Wharf, Tavistock complete with bum note (well done if you spot it) and various other blemishes inherant in capturing a live performance. But also capturing the magic of Willy in full flow.

Cornish Lullaby

Willy was challenged to write a song which didn’t contain references to pasties, cider and loose women. He failed!

Where do you go to (My luvver!)?

Willy goes continental. Some say this is why Brexit occurred. There was also talk that this song sounded familiar. Willy says he’s never heard of this Peter Sarsons. Strangely, given the subject matter, this song is a firm favourite with ladies from Plymouth who always say it reminds them of a friend of theirs. Yeah – right!